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What Would You do
What Would You do

Description of the TV show:

Beginning as a feature on the ABC Primetime news magazine series, ? The TV show explores how people react to strangers in unpleasant circumstances. With hidden cameras at the ready, the actors play out various scenarios in front of unsuspecting onlookers.

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The series seeks to explore how and when people feel the need to intervene, and when and why they choose to mind their own business. John Quiñones reports on how they made their decisions. Scenarios comprise of harsh child rearing, bullying, controlling life partners, verbal manhandle, and more noteworthy.

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Performers include: host John Quiñones. Cast includes Yuval David, Diana Henry, Vince August, Jeremy Holm, Traci Hovel, Hassan Goding, Christopher Peuler, Kristin Rose Garofalo, Lorraine Rodriguez-Reyes, Kaira Klueber, Paulina Gerzon, Nicolette Pierini, Anthony Ippolito, Ben Curtis, Aiden Medina, Zach Meliani, Dawn Yanek, Tyler Hollinger, Ava Giacchi , David Kremenitzer, Michael J. Lyons, Pearl Thomas, Kevin T. Collins, and Annie Hall.

This show provides examples of:

Age Lift: Sometimes the show will repeat similar scenarios but change the ages of the actors.

Albinos Are Freaks : Mentioned by Quiñones in the opening of the section dealing with the two boys who bully an albino. Albinos in The Da Vinci Code and The Matrix Reloaded have been cited as examples.

Apathetic Citizens : While the show still respects people’s reasons for not engaging in the invoked scenario, it still strongly discourages people from ignoring the issues unfolding in front of them.

419 Scam: The focus of one scenario, except it’s been slightly modified to take place via a very public Skype conversation in a coffee shop in New Jersey.

Abusive Parents: Many scenarios involve parents mistreating their children, across different age groups.

Noticeably Light Patch: Variation. Most of the time in crowd shots, the people whose faces are not covered are usually the people who will be questioned about their action (or lack thereof).

Con: Most often, the “mark” is just a random passerby, not someone in particular. Although on some occasions it focuses the script on one particular person or group.

Crazy-Prepared : Justified. Whenever WWYD prepares a script, they keep security around to keep the actors safe and notify emergency services in advance in case someone calls 911 (which people do).

Deconstructed Trope : Sometimes WWYD will list the use of a certain situation in a popular movie or TV show and then show how that situation would look in the real world.

Deliberately Cute Child : In two segments, a young boy and girl sold outrageously overpriced soda (in New Jersey) and sweet tea (in Texas). A large cup with a straw, napkin and umbrella cost $30. Luckily, Children Are Innocent was also averted, with most of the stamps warning kids about how unfair the prices were, and when the Girls actress tried to use the “times are tough” excuse, the stamp called her out. The couple made $59 (all refunded). She even made twenty because of how sweet she was.

Domestic Abuse: Showing different types of domestic violence is the show’s most used scenario.

Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: The Scary Version Becomes. When a man abuses a woman, people are quick to step in and stop him. When the woman abused the man, it took hours of filming and over 150 people passed by (including a police officer) before someone stepped in and called the police. Several people, when asked why they did not intervene, said that they assumed the man must have done something to deserve it, and freely admitted that if the positions were reversed they would have intervened. One woman actually cheered for the abuser and saw her as a “role model.”

Double Standard: Rape, Woman on Woman: In one episode, bystanders react much less strongly to women subjecting other women to sexually degrading ritual harassment than to men subjecting other men to sexually degrading ritual harassment.

Eagleland: For one scenario, they put a Type 2 couple in France to test the inflated French stereotype. Apart from a few balls and nasty American comments, no French people spoke up – instead they were called out by another American tourist. Some French people even found them funny instead of annoying.

Early Installment Weirdness : When the show was a recurring prime-time special, several of WWYD’s scripts seemed much more like straight-up on-camera pranks. Take the Five Million Customers scenario or the Rude American Tourists scenario, for example.

Education Mom: One scenario centered on a mother publicly berating her child for getting an A in the cafeteria. It put off the other patrons around them. The only one who came to the mother’s defense was an older Asian man who advised the other patrons to stay out of it because they didn’t know the circumstances that led to the mother’s actions.

Guest Star Party Member : Some episodes have celebrities join John Quiñones in hosting duties. Sometimes they even participate in the scenarios (usually the last one).

Hands-off parenting: Some scenarios involve parents being lax and/or downright indifferent to their children.

Has Two Moms : One segment had a patron at a restaurant react negatively to a gay couple eating there with their children. This was later repeated in the Dallas road trip episode where the waiter kicked them out, which is legal in Texas.

Heroic Bystander : The series’ raison d’être is to find these kinds of people by staging conflicts near crowds and waiting for someone to step up.

Hollywood Atheist: One controversial script involved yelling at a family praying in a public restaurant. Most brands went on script to point out that while they were entitled to their beliefs, so was the family at the restaurant, and their attempts to berate them for disrupting their meal were far more disruptive than the family’s prayers.

Troubling Unchildlike Behavior : Played for laughs in one scenario where a little girl swears and Flipping the Bird without knowing what it actually means.

Weight Woe : Many episodes and scripts deal with the bullying of the obese.

What You Are in the Dark: The show will often interview various people on the street about what they would do in a certain situation and then compare that to what other people actually do when they witness the situation on hidden camera.

What is the aim of the program What would you do?

The series tries to find out how and when people feel they have to intervene and when and why they decide to mind their own business. John Quiñones reports on how they made their decisions.

Where you can watch What Would You Do?

Full Episodes | Watch the latest online –

They discontinued What would you do?

As of October 10, 2022, What Would You Do? has not been canceled or renewed for a 17th season. Stay tuned for more updates.

What are the names of the guys from What would you do?

Juan Manuel “John” Quiñones (born May 23, 1952) is an American ABC News journalist who facilitated What Would You do?

What would you be doing in the 90s?

What would you do? is a 30-minute television show hosted by Marc Summers on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 1993. Robin Marrella served as an on-camera stagehand in the show’s first season. Both Summers and Marrella have done their duties on Double Dare as well as Nickelodeon.

How can I watch ABC on my phone?

Stream and watch full episodes of hit ABC shows like The Bachelor and Modern Family, discover new ABC originals, enjoy classics and enjoy TV3 live – all in the free ABC app.

What channel is Wwyd?

American Broadcasting Corporation

Who hosted the show What would you do?

Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make a split second decision to intervene or mind their own business. “What would you do?” airs Friday nights on ABC.

Is Todd Quinones Leaving Channel 13?

The veteran anchor is leaving ABC affiliate KTNV Channel 13.

Where was What Would You Do?

It was filmed mainly in New Jersey and New York.

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